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    Janne Guest

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    I wonder if anyone knows how to get the date from the number of the day : datepart("y",#1996-09-11#) returns 255. <BR>But I would like 255 to become the accurate date on this year<BR>

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    Eddie Campbell Guest

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    If what you are asking is how to get the date from a value of 255, you can do it, but only if you know which year you are dealing with as the 255 value is simply the number of days since Jan 1st<BR><BR>MyDate = DateAdd("d",255,"01/01/01")<BR><BR>This would return 13th Sept 2001 as that is 255 days later than 1st of Jan

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    janne Guest

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    Thanks for your answer, it will help solve a function in my calender<BR>janne<BR>

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