iterating through a recordset of politicians

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Thread: iterating through a recordset of politicians

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    cynic Guest

    Default iterating through a recordset of politicians

    How do I create a recordset of British politicians, and iterate through it deleting them all as I go?<BR>

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    Default No Method for this madness!!

    Oh, If only there where....

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    Rumplestiskin Guest

    Default RE: iterating through a recordset of politicians

    Sql = "Select Honesty From TblLeeaches Where Sincerity&#060;=0"<BR>Set rsScum = ObjConn.Execute(Sql)<BR>Do While Not rsScum.EOF<BR> If rsScum("Honesty") &#060;= "Al Fayed" Then<BR> Set Session("Martin Bell") = "Deployed"<BR> Set Session("NewsOfTheWorld") = "MP in kinky sex scandal"<BR> rsScum.Delete<BR> rsScum.Update<BR> Response.Write "Official Statement: I have decided that it is time I spent more time with my family"<BR> End If<BR>RsScum.Movenext<BR>Loop<BR>

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    Stevew Guest

    Default No, but I know how to populate an empty cabinet...

    Dim rsCabinet<BR><BR>If Isnull rs(WelshSecretary) Then<BR>rs(WelshSecretary) = AnneRobinson<BR>If Isnull rs(ForeignAffairs) Then<BR>rs(ForeignAffairs) = RodStewart<BR>If Isnull rs(HomeOffice) Then<BR>rs(HomeOffice) = CarolSmiley<BR>...<BR><BR>Not original, and apologies for the appalling code...

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