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    Can some one help?<BR>Once u make &#060;div&#062;&#039s &#039Display&#039 property to "none" that particular layer is not diplayed and also the portion of the page below the &#060;/Div&#062; tag also moves up, right.<BR>But thats like that in IE but Netscape doesnt accept &#060;Div&#062;&#039s Display property it gives u an error!! How to reciprocate the same effect in Netscape????<BR><BR>Can some one who has faced the same problem help me out. <BR><BR>Thanks a million in advance!!!

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    Hi Ravi,<BR>Your question is about DHTML and there is a special section for that kind of questions, but anyway:<BR>Netscape does support Display property as visibility = "hide".<BR>Here is a everything you need:<BR>http://webreference.com/dhtml/column12/index.html<BR>

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