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    Hi,<BR>Is there are visual basic component (dll) by windows which can be used<BR>in Active Server Pages/Windows NT4,<BR>which can accept images of in the gif/japg/bmp/tiff etc format and<BR>convert the same to "JPG" while uploading and save to the hard disk. <BR><BR>Also, we need to show the images with different sizes like<BR><BR>250x250<BR>250x350<BR>73x173<BR>125x12 5<BR>75x75<BR><BR>etc.,<BR><BR>Please do the needful.<BR><BR>Cheers,<BR>Raghu

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    You can use ShotGraph for gif, jpeg, bmp and some others:<BR><BR>You can combine such conversion with resizing, watermarks etc.<BR>Web site contains a lot of ASP examples with source code.<BR>

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