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    I have to read a text file and display it on an asp page just as it was in the text file, i.e the text file can have many spaces between 3-4 words for a table kind of look, but when i read it on the asp page only one space is shown and rest are ignored, how can i have more than one space together in between words, so that the over all structure can be nade to look like a table<BR><BR>thanks

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    i just showed you a bunch of spaces in the title, but the browser probably scooped em up as real spaces. i&#039;ll space it out so you can see them:<BR>& n b s p ;<BR>delete the spaces to use.. wow how cool!<BR>amazing new html tricks discovered daily

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    thanks for ur reply but i knew that and it doesn&#039;t solve my problem, it will not be me who will be making txt files, it will be my client, whom i can&#039;t ask to put &nbsp; instead of spaces, so there will be normal spaces, i need to identify them somehow.<BR><BR>thanks again

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