Problem updating SQL Server 7 for large records

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Thread: Problem updating SQL Server 7 for large records

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    RuthNis Guest

    Default Problem updating SQL Server 7 for large records

    We wrote a visual basic program that moves data from an old program to SQL Server. Some of the fields are very long and the some records are over 8k.<BR><BR>For the long records, the system said that SQL server could not update because the record was over 8k.<BR><BR>We created an xml file with all the records, copied it into the server and wrote an ASP program that read the xml and updated the SQL.<BR><BR>Can somebody explain why is this happening ? If the Insert statement is in the client it can&#039;t pass all the data ?<BR><BR>TIA

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    Jeremy_D Guest

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    By definition, each row in your table should fit on a page. A page in SQL Server is 8k (be happy, in 6.5 it was only 2k :), so the total rowsize can never be bigger then that (note that you can create a table with for instance 10 varchar(1024) columns, but you will never be able to store more then 8k - 8060 bytes to be precise - in it).<BR><BR>You can use two options:<BR>1. Split columns over more then one table.<BR>- or -<BR>2. Use the text datatype for large text-columns. The text datatype is only stored as a pointer (4 or 8 bytes, not sure), while the actual data in the text column is stored on (a) seperate page(s).<BR><BR>Jeremy_D<BR>

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