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    Lozza Guest

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    When re-using the same piece of code to move backwards through <BR>a recordset based on an SQL stored procedure (I&#039;m not at the begining!) it fails on one of my stored procudures but not another but only when I add an ORDER BY clause. Does anyone know why?

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    I&#039;ve had a similar problem once, it was solved by using OLEDB in stead of ODBC. What kind of connection are you using?

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    Lozza Guest

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    OLEDB. I can&#039;t understand why the problem occurs. On the complex SP (using CASE statements etc and the ORDER BY clause) the code works. But on my simple SP which is more or less a SELEXT * FROM TABLE as soon as the ORDER BY clause is added it errors.

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    Lozza Guest

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    FYI. Found the problem. Started using a Keyset type recordset and use the default lock type, works fine.Ta

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