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    I want to get the functionality of the browser FORWARD button.<BR>If i use hyperlink, i cannot deactivate a link! That too activate or deactivate depending on condition, that too Depending on whether the history.forward() returns true/false.<BR><BR>If true-Activate, else deactivate.<BR><BR>I have tried all the possibilities. But, the problem is we cannot deactivate it when it has&#039;nt yet been visited!!!!, and the make it active as and on the forward page has been visited... <BR><BR>Any clues plz...<BR>Thanx.<BR>

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    It&#039;s not entiry clear what you mean, but I think this is what you want:<BR><BR>if (typeof( == &#039;undefined&#039;)<BR>{<BR> // no link<BR>} else {<BR> // link<BR> document.write(&#039;&#060;a href="javascrip:history.forward();"&#062;move on&#060;/a&#062;&#039;);<BR>}<BR>

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