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    Default referential integrity

    &nbsp;<BR>i have 2 tables<BR><BR>CREATE TABLE Customers (<BR>CustomerID COUNTER,<BR>LastName VARCHAR(50),<BR>FirstName VARCHAR(50)<BR>)<BR><BR>CREATE TABLE Orders (<BR>OrderID COUNTER,<BR>CustomerID INTEGER CONSTRAINT REFERENCES Customers<BR>(CustomerID),<BR>ProductID INTEGER,<BR>ProductName VARCHAR(50),<BR>Price CURRENCY<BR>)<BR><BR>how do get the CustomerID to match up in the two tables when i insert into<BR>Orders? thanx.<BR>

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    Default How do you recognize the customer..

    ..when placing the order the customer must be giving his customer ID or something, how do u find out who the customer is whose order you are taking ? Or may be you check with the last name, whatever it is.<BR><BR>Write a query to get the customer Id from table one and then insert the same in table 2 while placing the order.

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