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    i got a home page (doesnt have frames) but i dont want it to keep on refreshing the whole page so i thought chopping them into 2 and use frames. So i got two horizontal frames. the upper one has images that are 'mapped' so they look like menus. but the problem is with the mapped images (menu styles) whenever they are clicked, the drop down effect goes 'inside' its under the lower frame. would it be possible to have it appearing over the lower frame? would it be possible to have it act like a common drop down menu?

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    The menu should be part of the lower frame, not the upper frame. The images can be part of the upper frame. Here also you may have problems in that the form elements like textboxes, listboxes, etc. may be visible over the menu. To eliminate this, you have to hide those elements when you show the menu, and make them visible again when the menu is off.

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