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    I&#039;m building an intranet report form in asp. When all the information is gatherd the form has to be printed out on a asp specified printer from the server, so no user interaction. Anyone any idea on how to do this.<BR><BR>

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    Default You need a component...

    ...that has permission to do this.<BR><BR>You might be able to do this by simply using one of the command line interfaces to ASP (MS has one, and there&#039;s a free one from You issue a command to run a program that does the printing. Since the program could be WSH, you could still write the code in VBScript, if you wanted to. Ummm...except how does it print to the printer???<BR><BR>Hmmm...<BR><BR>Okay, how about this: Your VBS code prints to a file and then all your command line code does is print that file.<BR><BR>But you might be better off writing the report generator in something more robust than VBS (even VB, for example) and then invoking that from your ASP or WSH code.<BR><BR>However you do it, you&#039;ll need *some* external-to-ASP component.<BR><BR>

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