getrows not working for all datatypes in table

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Thread: getrows not working for all datatypes in table

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    Default getrows not working for all datatypes in table

    I&#039;m finding a problem with getrows when gulping a table into a array, and the non-int and non-varchar elements are coming up blank. Look below:<BR><BR>rs = Conn.Execute(strSQL)<BR>myArray = rs.getrows<BR><BR>&#039;the following ...<BR>Response.Write "int field = " & myArray(0,0) & "&lt;br&gt;"<BR>Response.Write "varchar field = " & myArray(1,0) & "&lt;br&gt;"<BR>Response.Write "text field = " & myArray(2,0) & "&lt;br&gt;"<BR>Response.Write "bit field = " & myArray(3,0) & "&lt;br&gt;"<BR>&#039;... gives me the following output<BR>&#039;End of code<BR>__________________________________________ ___<BR>int field = 5<BR>varchar field = five<BR>text field = <BR>bit field = <BR>_____________________________________________< BR><BR>That&#039;s it ... array elements supposed to contain text and boolean values are empty.<BR><BR>Why??

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    Default text meaning a long varchar?

    I don&#039;t think GetRows is supposed to handle that. Good reasoning: You might have 10MB in each such field of a 100 record recordset. But I&#039;ve never seen docs on this, one way or the other.<BR><BR>But a boolean field? Never had a problem with that.<BR><BR>Hmmm...what happens if you change the order of the fields? Put the text field last in the SELECT, as you would normally do if you were not using GetRows?<BR><BR>

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