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    Hi - I am using PWS on an NT Workstation. I have an application that displays course schedules from an Access database to the user. This works fine on my machine. I moved the application to the "main" server. The first page (which uses HTML only) works fine. However, the second page uses both HTML and ASP. When I get to the second page, I receive the following error:<BR><BR>Microsoft VBScript runtime error &#039;800a0005&#039; <BR><BR>Invalid procedure call or argument: &#039;Left&#039; <BR><BR>//global.asa, line 98 <BR><BR><BR>If I remove global.asa from the main server, my page works. However, this is not a good solution. Does anyone know what suggestions I can give the administrator of the main server?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance.

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    Default No code = no help


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    Default just look at your error..

    ... it says it all.<BR>obviously, you&#039;re trying to call vb&#039;s left() function w/o supplying the proper parameters.. make sure you call that function with its parameters at all times! don&#039;t call it unless you check! ok?<BR><BR>sVar = "some junk"<BR>if len(sVar) &#062; 0 then<BR>... do your stuff<BR>else<BR>... do something else<BR>end if

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