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    Default Session Variable Confusion

    Here is my dilemma. I log-in to a site as one user (user #1). I then open up another instance of the browser on the same computer and log-in to the same site as another user (user #2). When I go back to the original browser, I am somehow now logged-in as user #2. Does anybody know how that happened and if there is anything I can do to prevent it? (As you might suspect, I'm using Session variable to maintain the User data throughout the sessions.)

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    Default Cookie Confusion

    Session variables are stored as cookies on the client machine. When you log on the second time, the first cookie is overwritten by the second. <BR>I don&#039;t know of a way to avoid this, but I don&#039;t see why it&#039;s an issue either, other than for the developer. Why would two different people simultanously share the same machine to view the same site?

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    Default Because you are under the same session ..

    so the new session value is overwriting.

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