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    I am trying to create a mailing list. <BR><BR>The email addressses are stored in a database. <BR><BR>Using CDONTS I can send email to this list. How do I set the Reply-To property such that on hitting the Reply-To, the email goes to all the users in the list. <BR><BR>I know that by using the CDONTSobj.value("Reply-To") = "emailid" I can set an email address to which the reply would go, how do I point it to the list, instead of one email address.<BR><BR>Basically, I am trying to achive something which egroups and listbot do.<BR><BR>Thanx for your help!

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    Check here<BR><BR> +example&S=F&A=T&DU=C&FR=0&D=support&LPR=&LNG=ENG& highlights&CAT=Support&VRL=ENG&SA=GN&Go.x=28&Go.y= 19

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    Default Pick all the emails from the table..

    ..<BR>then loop through the recordset sending mail to each email address in the rs. The better way to do is put the first email in the "" field and all the other emails in "" or cdo.bcc" fields separated by ";", this is better because this will send the mail to everyone in one shot with one CDO object while if u loop through each email then for each person a new CDO object will have to be created.

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