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    Default scrolling news

    How do I make Scrolling News on client side. Is it possible to do this without using Applet or ActiveX. How do I proceed doing this through ASP and with out using ASP.<BR><BR>thanks

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    Default Marquee

    Use a marquee tag, it only works in IE, but it is an XML (I believe) tag...<BR><BR>There are a slew of different tags you can use with it, but here is one I use sometimes...<BR><BR>&#060;marquee direction=up BEHAVIOR=SCROLL SCROLLAMOUNT=1 SCROLLDELAY=0 SCROLLLEFT=0 SCROLLTOP=0 onMouseOver=stop(); onMouseOut=start(); width="226" &#062;<BR>put your page text here<BR>&#060;/marquee&#062;<BR><BR><BR>-- Whol

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    Default You are hereby officially banned

    from reminding ANYONE that that stupid thing exists... UGH!<BR><BR>Now all he needs to do is add flashy graphics and bgmusic.<BR><BR>PAAFTS (Programmers against Angel Fire type sites)

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    Default Hahahahahaha...

    He asked, I answered... It serves a purpose, just don&#039;t overuse it...<BR><BR>I could have told him how to do it in java, to get it to run in the status bar, or maybe scroll the title bar, but those IMHO are worse...<BR><BR>;)<BR><BR>-- Whol

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