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    I noticed surfrjohn&#039;s post and wanted to ask, shouldn&#039;t this code throw a server error?<BR><BR>if (manual == "yes"){<BR> code<BR>}<BR>else if (manual == "yes"){<BR> code<BR>}<BR><BR>My server allows this but I don&#039;t think it should. Any ideas??

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    Why would it throw an error?<BR><BR>The compiler in this case is going line by line, it&#039;s not evaluating the whole logic at once like a human does.<BR><BR>It goes to the first line, if it&#039;s true, it executes it, else it goes to the else line.<BR>If it gets to the else line, and that else line evaluates to true, then it executes that code. It never will realize that you&#039;re checking for the same condition in both, computers just don&#039;t work that way (not yet, at least). They do exactly as they are told.<BR><BR>Hope that clears things up for you a bit.

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