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    surfrjohn Guest

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    I have a page with a form. I want the form to be empty if the page is called with a QueryString variable, and I want it populated if tha page is called with a Form variable. So I wrote my code like this (I use Javascrip):<BR><BR>if (Request.QueryString("ID") != "") {<BR> userID = Request.QueryString("ID");<BR> newORupdate = "new";<BR>}<BR>else if (Request.Form("ID") != "") {<BR> userID = Request.Form("ID");<BR> newORupdate = "update";<BR><BR>But this doesn&#039;t work! Is there a generic way to tell if the page was called by QS or by Form (i.e., testing whether either is null)?? It seems like using an if...else if only works if I&#039;m testing for the same variable within each clause, but that doesn&#039;t seem logical.<BR><BR>Thanks for the help!

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    fsm Guest

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    Instead of using request.form("ID") or request.querystring("ID"), just use request("ID"). This searches the Querystring first, then checks the form variables. pass another variable to determine if it is new or not.

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    surfrjohn Guest

    Default server issue?

    I appreciate the help, using Request("ID") did help.<BR><BR>However, I&#039;m still having major issues with resolving new or update. To determine this, for updates I pass an additional id through the form that I do not pass using the QS. Therefore, in my code I check for whether this value is undefined or not. If the page is called by QS, it should be undefined, toherwise it should have a value. But this code won&#039;t evaluate properly!!!<BR><BR>if (currentID == "undefined") {<BR>do this...<BR>}

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    surfrjohn Guest

    Default server issue? 2

    opps, I submitted by mistake...<BR><BR>For this code:<BR><BR>if (currentID == "undefined")<BR><BR>I actually get an ASP server error that says currentID is undefined! How can this happen if that&#039;s what I&#039;m checking for?? I mean, I&#039;m asking it if it&#039;s undefined, yet it won&#039;t process my statement, it kicks out an error!

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    Default RE: server issue? 2

    you are asking if currentID is equal to a string with the value "undefined".<BR><BR>you need to do something like:<BR><BR>if(new String(currentID)=="undefined")<BR>or<BR>if(typeof (currentID)=="undefined")

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