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    Mr. Driller Guest

    Default Javasript question

    How can I assign the javascript variable height to an ASP variable called windowheight?

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    <eop> Guest

    Default STOP REPOSTING!!!!!


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    goodfella Guest

    Default RE: STOP REPOSTING!!!!!

    Start answering then

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    Default Querystring or form post...

    ...Populate either of these two when the form is submitted and<BR>store it in the ASP variable.

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    goodfella Guest

    Default RE: Querystring or form post...

    I use it with a meta refresh

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    Default 3 different options? Maybe he'll stop repost

    ...BTW, not a bad idea on the meta refresh.

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    goodfella Guest

    Default RE: 3 different options? Maybe somebody has a goo


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