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Thread: integrating xml/xsl with asp

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    Hi <BR>I am incorporating an xml document from another server into my site. I used another example as my base as this is my first foray into xml. <BR>The error I am getting is :<BR>Microsoft VBScript runtime error &#039;800a005b&#039; Object variable not set: &#039;xml&#039;<BR>/xml/news.asp line 42<BR><BR>line 42 is wher it goes<BR>set xml = nothing<BR>set xsl = nothing<BR><BR>I have ie 5 and pws on WinME<BR>thanks<BR>james

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    You&#039;re referencing to an object variable named XML which has not yet set as an object or has been release from memory (using Set xxx = Nothing). make sure to set the XML variable as an object as follow<BR>set yourXMLobject = Server.createObject("microsoft.XMLdom")<BR>and release the object by<BR><BR>set yourXMLobject = Nothing

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