Hello all,<BR><BR>My name is David Deming and I work at Macromedia as the Product Manager for Dreamweaver UltraDev. UltraDev is a web application development tool used to build dynamic websites in ASP, among other lanugages. If you&#039;re unfamiliar with it, you can read a good review on asp101.com here:<BR>http://www.asp101.com/articles/john/ultradev4/default.asp<BR><BR>We are in the planning phase for the next version, and we are hosting some focus group discussions with ASP.NET developers to talk about .NET and the future of UltraDev.<BR><BR>These discussions will be held at the Redwood Shores offices of <BR>Macromedia, and give developers a unique chance to meet the development team behind a leading web development tool, and affect its future. They are a key component of our development cycle as we attempt to validate our future plans with real world developers.<BR><BR>We will be hosting a couple of these sessions in the next couple of weeks (typically on a weekday, from 6-8pm) in Redwood Shores (right off the 101, near San Mateo, for those in the Bay Area).<BR><BR>If you are interested in attending, and learning more about the future of UltraDev, please send me an email at daved@macromedia.com.<BR><BR>thanks so much - I look forward to meeting some of you...<BR><BR>-Dave<BR><BR>David Deming<BR>Product Manager, Dreamweaver UltraDev<BR>Macromedia, Inc.<BR>daved@macromedia.com<BR>