First off, I cannot use the Command Object, other folks are working on this page who get a little nervous and freak out when anything changes. So by trying to stay w/the Connection object, is there a way to pull an Output param back from the SP to the asp page. I&#039;ve been trying to use the GetString method, but have so far been unsuccessful. <BR><BR>Here is just part of the SP:<BR><BR>CREATE proc P_CPD_ADJUSTMENT<BR>@RETURN int OUTPUT<BR><BR>begin<BR> SELECT @RETURN = &#039;1&#039;<BR> return <BR>end <BR><BR>*********************<BR>Now for the asp page:<BR>*********************<BR><BR>Set cn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")<BR>Set rsData = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")<BR><BR>cn.C onnectionString = "Driver={SQL Server}; " _<BR> & "Server=" & dbServer & "; " _<BR> & "APP=WebReport; " _<BR> & "WSID=WebReport; " _<BR> & "Database=" & dbName & "; " _<BR> & "User ID=" & dbUsername & "; " _<BR> & "Password=" & dbPassword & ";"<BR> <BR>cn.Open<BR>Set rsData.ActiveConnection = cn<BR><BR>WEB_PROC_NAME = "P_CPD_ADJUSTMENT"<BR>WEB_PROC_VARS = "@RETURN=&#039;0&#039;"<BR><BR>SQL = WEB_PROC_NAME & " " & WEB_PROC_VARS<BR><BR>rsData.Open SQL,cn,adOpenStatic,adLockOptimistic,adCmdText<BR> <BR>Obviously there are a lot more parameters going in, but @RETURN is the one I want returned to the page. Any ideas? Possibly using something similar to rsData.GetString? <BR>