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Thread: Use of MAILTO PROTOCOL???

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    Default Use of MAILTO PROTOCOL???

    I want to email the inputs of an html form. I don&#039;t have SMTP installed. So I am using the mailto protocol as;<BR><BR>&#060;FORM name="mainform" onSubmit="validate();" action="" method="POST"&#062;<BR><BR>Using this tag I get the word &#039;content&#039; displayed inside the body of my mail. Can anyone please suggest how to acheive getting the form inputs displayed on the body of the email instead? Thanks!

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    if you are using ASP, then the cdonts component is installed on your server. go to and look for their sample on using CDONTs, it will do exactly what you need to do. The mailto action of the &#060;form&#062; tag is not always a good deal, and it will only work if the user has an email client installed and configured on there computer<BR><BR>mj

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