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    &nbsp;<BR>I have prepared a WEB project by the Visual Interdev 1.0 software, popularly used for developing ASP..When a new WEB is created from this Software a global.asa file is created automatically along with the WEB..This file contains the Session and the Applcation events <BR><BR>I copy the project from the WWWroot directory of one PC to that on the other..Now when I open my first ASP from this new PC via the browser, I have found out that the Application_OnStart event in the global.asa file is not invoked..Hence all the session and the applcation variables are not initialised.<BR><BR>I want to know whether there is any way of invoking the Applcaition and the Session events without creating the new WEB

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    The directory needs to be a virtual directory to have global.asa fire. You have to set the directory as a virtual directory through IIS Admin. Does this clear things up, or just make them more confusing? :)

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