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    Renidea Guest

    Default Enable/Disable button

    Is there a way to enable/disable web page buttons using ASP or HTML like in visual basic?

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    Default RE: Enable/Disable button--Yes

    Use the button disable property(true or false). If you use Visual InterDev, just look for the properties for that <INPUT...> tag.

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    depends on what you want, if you want it disable after the user clicks, go to dynamicdrive.com they have js code for that.<BR><BR>if you just wanted as not active on a page for what ever reason, just set a property of readonly, or disabled, can&#039;t remember which one<BR><BR>mj

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    Default Yeah, well sorta...

    Don&#039;t display them...<BR><BR>ASP is server-side processed, so if you want to control weather or not the user can see/interact with a form element, you *should* use client-side javascript...<BR><BR>-- Whol

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    Renidea Guest

    Default RE: Yeah, well sorta...

    Thanks for the comment. It is for an intranet site, and the button needs to be disabled based upon a database field, so in this case I think disabling using HTML applies. <BR><BR>Thanks for your feedback

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    Renidea Guest

    Default Thanks - got it working :^D

    Thanks to all that posted a response, your feedback was of great assistance and is definately appreaciated!

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