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Thread: Please Help...... change width to absolute

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    Default Please Help...... change width to absolute

    I have run into the new section 508 rule. I need to change a absolute value to a relative percent. That is <td width=187 to <td width=???% With larger programs that you haven't written and have to change weird numbers to percent's I was hoping there might be something out there to help..

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    If you&#039;re using dreamweaver, you simply check "convert absolute to percent". I&#039;m pretty sure Front Page has something similar...<BR><BR>If you&#039;re a notepad guy, well....

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    Default Look at table width...

    Look at the total width of your table, and convert your absolute width into a percentage...<BR><BR>There is really no other way to calculate a percent from an absolute figure... You have to have a reference to go from...<BR><BR>eg:<BR>if your table width is 400 pixels...<BR>your colum width at 187 pixels would be = <BR>187/400 = 0.4675 * 100 = 48% roughly...<BR>that is how you would do it...<BR><BR>It get a bit more tricky when you have absolute colums in mix with percent calulated tables...<BR><BR>You have to determine what the origional size of your table is before you can figure out the percent of a column in it...<BR><BR>-- Whol

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    Default RE: Look at table width...

    Whats this rule that he is speaking about in the original post?

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    Default Section 508 Overview

    Section 508 addresses the barriers encountered by disabled user of electronic and information technology for most goverment and commercial organization. Try the Bobby test Tool at Its really cool but you may find yourself changing a lot html like us.

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