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    Can anyone help me figure out how to create a font size smaller than 1 in HTML. I have an asp page that I want to barely be legible when viewed, but when printed on a printer it can be seen. <BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>BK

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    Default Cascading Style Sheets

    this is the way to go...<BR><BR>Learn how here:<BR>http://www.w3schools.com/css/default.asp<BR><BR>You can set font sizes to be TINY TINY TINY sizes...<BR><BR>-- Whol

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    HTML sizes go from 1 to 7 only. There are ways to increase/decrease from a particular BASEFONT size, &#060;font size = +3&#062; or &#060;font size = -3&#062;, but that doesn&#039;t mean that you can take a BASEFONT of 3 and add &#060;font size = +10&#062; to come up with 13. You won&#039;t get an error doing that, but you still will only get as big as 7 or as small as 1.<BR><BR>Hope that helps a little.

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