Sending data from a programme to a database ?

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Thread: Sending data from a programme to a database ?

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    Hello,<BR><BR>I am writing a VB6 database program, to be used by car dealers on site, there will be a small database holding name/address etc, <BR>if a customer agrees to buy the car on finance, the idea is that the information could be sent<BR>directly to our web site, where it can be processed and inputted directly into our main database.<BR><BR>The data to be sent is about 60 - 70 items (name, address, postcode, bank details, employment details etc)<BR><BR>As far as I can see, I have the following options:-<BR>1)<BR>I have read about XML where information can be sent to a web page, which it is then<BR>read and processed, so dealer program creates a XML file which is read by another web page.<BR>Unsure about this!<BR>2)<BR>The dealer program creates a simple text file, which is attached to a e-mail, this is then sent to us,<BR>a user at our office opens the e-mail, and saves the file is a know directory, which our office program looks<BR>at, find the file and processes it.<BR>I have proved this work&#039;s in a test system in the office.<BR>3)<BR>The dealer program creates a simple text file, which is sent to a web page, where it is processed.<BR>4)<BR>The dealer program creates a simple text file, which is read by a web page, (On dealers hard drive), and processed<BR><BR>Although I know the theory, as yet I don&#039;t know how it will work,<BR>for option&#039;s 3 or 4, this seems to be simpler for both the user at the dealer, and the users in our office. Although, I think the answer is to use XML.<BR><BR>Another thing to think about is that we may be passing bank account details. We have been in contact with<BR>Verisign, who have sent us prices and details. Which ever way we use, we will have to use the secure side<BR>of the web server.<BR><BR>I would be greatful of any idears you may have.<BR><BR>Kind Regards<BR>Mike.<BR><BR>

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    Default Ummm, I think you may be overdoing it a bit...

    You wrote a VB6 program that access a Microsoft database, correct (Access or SQL server) you can have your ASP pages write directly to that database, be it in a secure environment or not... If your databases are within the same environment you just need to modify your connection for your webpage to point to that database. Then you don&#039;t have to worry about updates getting posted, your data is ALWAYS current.<BR><BR>Just my .02<BR><BR>-- Whol

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