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    Linh Guest

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    Is there anyway to increast the loading time on the sql server?<BR>My asp pages are fast under the local odbc dsn link but when I put it on the server, it&#039;s almost twice slower. Any suggestion is greatly appreciated! thanks!<BR>

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    <eop> Guest

    Default Using stored procs?


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    Reggie Guest

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    Open up the IIS Settings and check the "Make SQL Go Faster" checkbox. Ok, I&#039;m not funny. There&#039;s no quick way of increasing the speed other than going through your code and streamlining it. Get rid of all those SELECT *&#039;s unless you really need everything. Make sure there are no better ways to do old algorithms. I used to not even know what autonumber fields were so I mimicked them by SELECTing the MAX() and adding 1 to it.

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    Linh Guest

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    Yeah I did change my select statement to select only the required fields but still doesn&#039;t help much.. I have some if statements in there wonder if that causes it to slow down..Thanks for your help!<BR>

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    Linh Guest

    Default RE: Using stored procs?

    Could you explain a little or point me a reference to using stored procs?? Thanks!

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    Default Post a sample page...

    ... and we&#039;ll evaluate potential improvements. It may be an issue with your ADO methodologies. Are you using WinNT or Win2k?

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