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    curt davis Guest

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    Hi <BR><BR>We are building new order entry system. Whenever a <BR>customer places an order, we would like to record <BR>information about the curstomer for the security <BR>purposes. How can I get user information every time<BR>to recognize him? Can I use the server variables?<BR>Which server variable I need to use for this? <BR>If customer is using some third pary ISP, then each<BR>and everytime they logged into the system, their IP<BR>address changes. So, I can&#039;t take the IP address.<BR>How can I handle this situation. <BR><BR>Every customer is having unique userid and password.<BR>Apart from that, we would like to record something <BR>about theie network or system for each order.<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>

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    fsm Guest

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    use the variables in the session object for server/user platform information<BR><BR>fsm

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