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    I&#039;ve done about everything I can think of and still it doesnt wanna do anything.<BR><BR>Could someone please point me to a template or something for free I can download which will do advanced searching etc?<BR><BR>Or if someone would be so kind as to point me to a tutorial which explains how to do a search with 2 select(drop down boxes) and one text filled field? using either of these 3 and all of them if the text field is filled in(and just the two drop downs when its not)?!!!?!!?!?

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    This Q would be a helluvalot easier to answer if we actually knew which type of information-store you are searching in ;-). So what are you talking about? A web search, an FTP search, a database search, a file system search, a yellow pages search, an easter egg search... ???????<BR><BR>Jeremy_D<BR>

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    &#039;helper function to keep code a little cleaner when building<BR>&#039;sql statement<BR>Public Function IIf(expr,truepart,falsepart)<BR> if expr then IIf = truepart else IIf = falsepart<BR>End Function<BR><BR>&#039;build sql statement...start with hardcoded part<BR>sql = "select field1, field2, ..., fieldn "<BR> & "from table "<BR> & "where ... "<BR>&#039;the function call / assignment below is obviously all a <BR>&#039;single line but will probably wrap on this page<BR>sql = IIf(isempty(request.form("dropdown1")),sql,sql & "and field1 = &#039;" & request.form("dropdown1") & "&#039; ")<BR><BR>&#039;the rest of the form fields go here --if there is no initial "where" clause it will require a little more code because you have to take into account that any one field may the only on the user chooses to filter by.

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