Situation:<BR>Access Database, 2 tables (actually more, but for simplicity&#039;s sake, sticking with 2). table1 has a Contact_ID field, which is an integer. It is linked to table2 which binds the ID (autonumber in this table) to a Name. I need to be able to manage this contact list, by adding and removing contacts from an ASP page. I can see that adding a contact to table2 (by name) would give me a new Autonumber, which I can then insert into table1. However, I&#039;ve noticed that when deleting a contact from table2, it&#039;ll give me an error if that ID that&#039;s tied to that name is used anywhere in table1. How do I work around this? Perhaps first check for all instances of that contact_ID in table1 and setting the value to 0 (or NULL)?<BR>Is there a faster way to go about doing this?