Doug D,<BR>thanks VERY much for the algorithm you provided yesterday concerning creating a GUID without using a DB. However, testing it revealed that occasionally, upon refresh, the number created would NOT increment... Which begs the question - is that something to really be concerned about, understanding that a user constantly refreshing the page would not happen? Reason being is the table that I am using to store the GUID temporarily is a primary key... And should 2 sessions begin simultaneously, it could potentially pose a problem.<BR><BR>For all others, here is the formula Doug provided. Any additional tips are very much appreciated. Thanks,<BR><BR>GUID<BR><BR>tmpTemp1 = Right(String(15,48) & CStr(CLng(DateDiff("s","1/1/2000",Date()))), 15)<BR>tmpTemp2 = Right(String(5,48) & CStr(CLng(DateDiff("s","12:00:00 AM",Time()))), 5) <BR><BR>