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    Inanna Guest

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    I have tried to use <BR>Session.Contents.Remove("status")<BR>and<BR>Se ssion.Contents.RemoveAll()<BR>and get the error<BR>Object doesn&#039;t support this property or method: &#039;Session.Contents.Remove&#039; etc<BR>which I suppose means that the server is not using ASP3.<BR>Is there a way to achieve killing the session variables without using the above?

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    Inanna Guest

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    hmmmm...just thinking...does session.abandon do it?...but what if you want to kill just one variable?

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    GUID Guest

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    Inanna,<BR><BR>Use Session("sessionvarnamehere") = NULL to kill an individual session var...

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    Inanna Guest

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    Thanks for the prompt answer....much appreciated :)

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