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    zia Guest

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    whenever we attach a file in email we 1st<BR> click on the browse button & we get the window box<BR> where we can select the file to be attached.<BR> i want to make a program in ASP where by clicking<BR> the button say titled &#039;browse&#039; that window box should<BR> open.Can I do it ASP or I have to make use of some<BR> other language.And how do i do it.<BR> Thank you.

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    use input type="file"<BR><BR>mj

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    zia Guest

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    Thank you but could you be a little more<BR>descriptive especially onclick of the button<BR>how would I do the &#060;input type="file"......<BR>

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    Reggie Guest

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    Just type in &#060;input type="file"&#062; and test it out to see what you get. It gives you a file dialog box, which appears to be what you&#039;re asking for.

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    stevew Guest

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    What the others say will allow you to browse and attach a file. But if you want to upload it onto a website you&#039;ll need something like ASPupload. See<BR>

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