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    Jam Guest

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    Hi All,<BR><BR>I am developing a web-site on learning. But one of the requirements is updating the data and it might be on some other languages. What i&#039;m trying to ask is there any way that we can keep the content on other files/database so in future if client want&#039;s to change they don&#039;t have to go in coding level or opening pages and reloading it again and again.<BR><BR>Will appreciate any suggestion.<BR><BR>Regards

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    Sreedharan Guest

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    Some simple ways are to use include files. You can also retrieve the data from a database.<BR><BR>But this is not a very simple thing. Make sure that you think it through and design it well initially itself. Otherwise you will surely run into trouble.

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    Jam Guest

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    Can you give me some example or any url where i can find some help on this.<BR><BR>

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