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    Does anyone know how to get the imformation a user puts in a textarea box to update a record in a SQL database, "set aaaa = &#039"& request.form("aaaa")&"&#039 " doesn&#039t work, Thanks David

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    Shotzie Guest

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    David,<BR> I perform updates and inserts with textbox information on a daily basis. The exact notation I&#039m using is tied to a command object. The exact notation is "UPDATE [Tablename] Set [Fieldname] = &#039" & Request.Form("[TextBoxName]") "&#039 WHERE something = something and etc.<BR> This sounds similar to what you are doing, but I&#039m using a command object to push to the server.<BR><BR>I set the above UPDATE statement equal to SQLQuery then issue the following commands. <BR> Set cmdDay.ActiveConnection = conWeb<BR> cmdDay.CommandText = SQLQuery<BR> cmdDay.Execute<BR> <BR>I hope this helps.<BR><BR>Shotzie

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    dthomas Guest

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    text area box not text box

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