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    I have more than check boxes on my page<BR>User will select some boxes to calculate price<BR>In action page that is the procedure of checking that which boxes are checked and which are unchecked<BR>Any sample code will be appreciated<BR>Thanks in Advance

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    Default Do the checkboxes form an array..

    ..that is do they all have same name, if so then if all the checkboxes have value attribute set then on the next page when you do request("checkname") it will give u a comma separated string of all the checkbox values that were checked.<BR><BR>Alternative: IF the check boxes have different names then<BR>you can do like this:<BR>if request("checkname1").checked then <BR>var1 = request("checkname1")<BR>else<BR>whatever<BR>end if<BR><BR>Do for all the checkboxes.<BR>This is a longer route, dunno about any other way.

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