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    This is the code that I´m using for IE5 and N4 to write in a layer:<BR><BR>IE5:<BR>document.all["Layer1"].innerHTML="the text";<BR>document.all["Layer1"].style.visibility="visible"<BR><BR>N4<BR>document. layers["Layer1"].document.write("the text");<BR>document.layers["Layer1"].document.close();<BR>document.layers["Layer1"].visibility="visible"<BR><BR>Both are running correctly but with N6...neither of them.<BR>Somebody know?

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    As far as I know NS6 does not support document.all OR document.layers.<BR><BR>Time to start reading up on the W3C DOM1 spec and the documentation for NS6. There will be a way around.<BR><BR>Dunc

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