Please help me with my cache

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Thread: Please help me with my cache

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    Leana Guest

    Default Please help me with my cache

    Hello all. Here is the problem I&#039;m having. I&#039;m setting SESSION variable on one page and response.write it on another. Here is the problem. In Explorer, unless the user&#039;s settings set to "CHECK FOR NEWER VERSION OF STORED PAGES EVERY TIME YOU VISIT THE PAGE" it shows me the old value of a session variable. Is there a way to control it from asp page. Because as we all know each user has different settings on his/her machine. Please help me<BR>Thank you .

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    Heaven's Martini Guest

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    well<BR><BR> has an article called cachenomore.<BR><BR>read it. <BR><BR>and has one that I prefer.

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