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    vandana Guest

    Default REMOTE_USER?

    I need to authenticate the users with their NT login username for my Intranet web site. How can I get the NT userid that was used for logging in?<BR><BR>Thanks much,<BR>Vandana

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    Default request.servervariables("remote_user")


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    Reggie Guest

    Default RE: REMOTE_USER?

    You can just do it with IIS or NT directory security, but if you need their name for some reason you get it with &#060;%response.write Request.ServerVariables("LOGON_USER")%&#062;

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    vandana Guest

    Default RE: REMOTE_USER?

    I am getting an empty string for both the server variables -LOGON_USER and REMOTE_USER. Do I need to change any setting?

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    Default Turn on NT Challenge.Response <eop>


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