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    luissanchez Guest

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    i am deleting a record based on a userid.delete * from table where userid = 1.<BR>due to client needs i am redirecting to the previous page with a history.back(1).<BR>now the problem arises.when the user deletes it again,its not giving an error,its saying "user deleted" again.<BR><BR>if you insert a record twice,it says primary ley why does not it say "you cannot delete a record which is not there.<BR>is there a way to catch this error?.thanks

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    RDM Guest

    Default This is not an error...

    ADO will not throw an error for this. The where clause just didn&#039;t find the record. I&#039;m pretty sure you can reference the records affected output parameter:<BR><BR> dim lRec<BR><BR> oADOCon.Execute sSQL,lRecs<BR><BR> If lRecs &#062;0 then "Yippee!"

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    luissanchez Guest

    Default hey thanks a lot


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