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    I need to split a string that looks like this 7/13/43 to make it look like this 43-7-13. I can move the 43 to the front but am having trouble with the rest since the 7 could be a single digit or two and the same with the 13. Any help is appreciated.<BR><BR>Thanks

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    J-man Guest

    Default Seperate a string

    backwards. Oops

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    RDM Guest

    Default Use InstrRev

    to find the x position "/" starting from the right. <BR><BR> nPos = InStrRev(sVar,"/",nStartingPosition)

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    Default Moving around dates.....

    sort of like this....<BR>numbers = split(somestring,"/")<BR><BR>response.write(numbers(2) & "-" & numbers(0) & "-" & numbers(1))<BR><BR>Should do the trick...<BR><BR>Do a search on the split function...<BR><BR>-- Whol

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    Default I like this one...


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    Default RE: Moving around dates.....

    Thanks, that works perfect

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