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    shrisachin Guest

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    Hello all, My problem is i am not able to run asp in Netscape.When i run pages with "localhost/../.../thepage"it doesn&#039;t shows output<BR>I have windows 2000,netscape 4.7 .How can i run asp in Netscape.<BR><BR>Please!! netscape is my favourite <BR>~shrisachin

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    Tony Guest

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    You&#039;ll need to post the code. Chances are you have an error in your HTML. The ASP scripts won&#039;t matter, as that is run before your page is served up.

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    shrisachin Guest

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    Hello Tony..<BR><BR>The netscape is not showing asp it doesn&#039;t shows marquee also.Is it a problem of netscape.when i execute a query and place result in table in IE5 it shows the result on the page but same page doesn&#039;t work in netscape.It gives netscape error

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