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    Hi, for our intranet, <BR>I have to create a page that show the users tasks depending on the user that open the page. The username should be detected automatically by ASP in an NT environment, but it does not. I have put the properties of the directory to Challenge/Response in IIS, but it still asks for the username, even when I&#039;m on the webserver. I don&#039;t use a proxi server or a firewall. <BR>Or when I change the settings I get a 401.2 error, something with the HTTP authentication header. <BR><BR>More info : <BR>IIS 4.0<BR>NT 4.0 SP6a<BR><BR>Can somebody help me, or give the correct way to do this if this is wrong?

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    In order to detect the user name(NT Account), You have to disable the *Anonymouse* in IIS 4.0 configuration.

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