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    hi everyone...<BR>i have a stored proc<BR>CREATE mystoredproc <BR>@emp_id int<BR>AS<BR><BR>DELETE Maindb.dbo.Employee where EMPID = @emp_id<BR>SELECT * FROM Maindb.dbo.Employee WHERE EMPID &#060;&#062; @emp_id<BR><BR>----<BR>in main.asp program:<BR>dbconn = &#060;this is the connection string&#062;<BR>Rset = &#060;the record set&#062;<BR>Rset = Execute( "mystoredproc" ), dbconn<BR><BR>---<BR>when i execute my stored proc from the SQL Query Analyzer, it works perfectly well. It returns all the records that were filtered by the SELECT statement.<BR><BR>However, if called from my asp program, it displays an error that says something like "...object already closed..."<BR>But if i remove the DELETE statement, the stored proc works fine when called from my asp program.<BR><BR>Please help!!<BR><BR>Thanks a lot!<BR><BR>

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    ...a connection object before "Execute". You may want to post your real code.

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