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    i&#039;ve had some problems with hackers lately. by looking in the log, i can see that the keep trying to access two main files:<BR>cmd.exe and root.exe<BR>they first look in the /scripts directory, then try to get in through msadc.<BR>there is an .exe called root in my msadc directory. my question is, should it be there? or is it something i&#039;ve un-intentionally installed...<BR>last week i mistakedly opened an attachment with a virus in it. i&#039;ve fixed the situation, but i am almost positive that the hackers im seeing at my site currently are responding to their virus informing them of my ip info.. etc. i&#039;ve downloaded the latest service packs and done all that i can think of, but i don&#039;t know much about hackers and how to protect my machine. any ideas are welcome<BR><BR>justin

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    You would have more luck trying to find out on a forum dedicated to security and not ASP

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    Justin - I&#039;ve just read this article on The Register about the new sadmind/IIS worm. It contains a log excerpt which mathces your description exactly: http://www.theregister.co.uk/content/8/18811.html<BR><BR>Dunc

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