&nbsp;<BR><BR><BR> Curriculum Vitae<BR><BR><BR>B.Anitha<BR>D/o B.Narahari Rao<BR>H.No:1-1-648/3,<BR>Gandhi Nagar, <BR>Hyderabad—500080<BR><BR>Ph: 7621697 Email: baruanitha@yahoo.com<BR>__________________________ __________________________________________________ __________<BR><BR>Objective: <BR><BR>To gain adequate skills in Computer Sciences and attain a challenging position in the field of Information Systems with an eye towards new technologies.<BR><BR>Academic Profile:<BR><BR>Master of Sciences (Computers) : Osmania University with 74%<BR>(1999-2001)<BR>Bachelor of Science (Computers) : Osmania University with 73%<BR>(1997-99)<BR><BR>Technical Skills:<BR>Languages : C, C++, Java2, Foxpro, and Pascal<BR>Operating System : Windows, Unix, and MS-DOS<BR>Internet Technologies : ASP, HTML, VBScript, and <BR>JavaScript.<BR>Java Based Technologies : JDBC, Servlets<BR><BR>Seminars, Awards and Papers presented:<BR><BR>Seminar on “Communications and networking - Internet/Intranet technologies” at C.M.C<BR>Seminar on “Artificial Intelligence” at St.Pious X P.G College<BR>Seminar on “Software Development Life Cycle”<BR>Seminar on “Computer Networks” at Sidhanthi P.G College<BR><BR>Topper in St. Pious X P.G College (M.Sc Computer Science)<BR>1st Prize in Essay Writing Competition held by VIVEK &#039; 99<BR> Proficiency Prize in Queen Mary&#039;s Junior College.<BR><BR>Paper Presentation on “OOPS” at Osmania University. <BR>Project #1: <BR> <BR>Title : Allotment of Plots.<BR>Duration : 5 months<BR>Role : Analysis, Design and coding.<BR>Concept : Internet Programming (Servlets & <BR>JDBC)<BR>Software : JAVA <BR>Hardware : Pentium3<BR><BR>Description: <BR><BR> This Project is developed for HUDA. It is a Web based Application developed for the Allotment of the plots for the Successful Bidders on the basis of Auction cum Sealed Tender and to view the plot details for the users, keeping in view of all the complexes that are handed over to HUDA .The Front end been used is HTML, JavaScript; the concept being, Servlets & JDBC; the Back end being, MS-Access.<BR><BR> Project #2: <BR> <BR>Title : Leave Accounting System.<BR>Duration : 1 month<BR>Role : Analysis, Design and coding.<BR>Concept : Data Base Management<BR>Software : FoxPro (Programming)<BR>Hardware : Pentium3.<BR><BR> Description<BR><BR> This project work is basically responsible for the “Leave Accounting System” in "All The Time Co." company, which started in the year 1992. Personnel department maintains information of all the employees in the EMPLOYEE register. Application for a leave comes from the various departments approved by the divisional incharge to personnel officer. He marks the application to the concerned person. The major activities for leave maintenance are: Employee record maintenance, Leave crediting, Leave posting, Generation of balance leave statement, Query Handling.<BR><BR> Essence of the project:<BR><BR> A modest attempt has been made to try to understand the various stages involved in the “Leave Accounting System” of "All The Time Co" company. All the programs are so integrated that the user need not be given any training work with this project. It runs under the live environment and check as error free. The design is flexible such that adding of new features (extensibility) can also be done without any changes to the original one.<BR><BR><BR> Personal profile:<BR><BR>Name : B.Anitha<BR>Father&#039;s Name : B.Narahari Rao<BR>Date of Birth : 22-12-1978<BR>Languages Known : English, Hindi, Telugu <BR> <BR> <BR>References will be furnished on request.<BR><BR> Yours Sincerely<BR><BR><BR><BR> (Baru Anitha) <BR><BR><BR> <BR>