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    here&#039;s my dilemma: our host provides one server for our website, and a secure server that all their clients can use for secure information. is there a way i can access the database on our web server, through an ASP script on the secure server? Any input is appreciated! (except for flaming.....)<BR><BR>- Matt

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    If your database is MS Access, the answer is probably not. Access is a filesystem database, so if your secure server doesn&#039;t have the other web server&#039;s drives mapped to it you are out of luck with Access. If you use SQL Server you have more options. If the secure server is on the same Windows network or if it is on the public Internet, you could use an ADO connect string like the following:<BR><BR>provider=SQLOLEDB;data;initial catalog=northwind <BR><BR>the data source parameter above can be a DNS name, Windows name, or IP address. Northwind is a standard MS sample db so substitute your own db name. You will also have to send out a user name and password, either as part of the connect string, or as another argument to your ADO connection.<BR><BR>For SQL Server you can try to test the above technique without actually writing any code by using the demo at

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