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    Bottie Guest

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    Hi,... Does anybody know how to detect the download process wheter it is finished or still in progress ??

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    Volker Guest

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    you can try to use BinaryWrite to write to the response, then you know when your filesdownload is finished, but you&#039ll get a problem when you try to detect if the user has interrupted the download process or not, because the binarywrite will still write, even if the user stops the download.

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    bottie Guest

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    hmmm,... I see... is there any reference in this site or may be in 4GUYS ???<BR>thanks<BR>best regards

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    Olace Guest

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    You can verify if the client is disconnect from the server using the command<BR><BR>response.isclientconnected()<BR><BR >It returns false if the client has stop the page. So you can interrupt writing the file if it return false.

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